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The Secret to Winter Hair Care: Your questions answered

The festive season is upon us, and whether you’re dressing up for a last minute shopping trip or kicking back with a Christmas film marathon, your hair needs to be feeling its best!

Each season brings its own challenges where your hair’s concerned, and with many of us working at home with the heating on full whack - winter can most definitely take its toll.

It’s our job to give you the low-down on taking care of your hair during this time… meaning there’s no reason to let the colder months affect your tresses. .

How does winter hair compare to summer hair?

The main difference is water content. That’s right, it’s simply down to H20. In the summer months, humidity is higher, so the water content in your hair is naturally higher. But when winter hits, there’s less natural moisture going into your hair. Generally, those that don’t produce as much hair oils/sebum are more affected in terms of appearance.

How can I tell if my hair’s dehydrated?

With the cold weather outside and dry heat inside, your hair can really feel the impact. If your hair is feeling dry, has lost its silky shine, you have split ends and breakage, or you have a slight itch on your scalp - then your hair is likely to be dehydrated. That’s why hydration is key to maintaining healthy, shiny hair over winter.

How do I prevent dehydration and static hair in winter?

Dry hair = more static! So again, this is where moisture makes the difference. Try sourcing hydrating shampoos, conditioners, oils, hair masks and leave-in products that can lock-in or add moisture to the hair, and remember to drink enough water throughout the day!

You could also wash your hair less often to retain natural moisture, and a trip to the salon could breathe new life into dry hair, by chopping off those split ends.

Styling tools with Ionic Conditioning coatings are also great for giving your hair a smoother, sleeker look. And we can help...

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How can I style my hair in the winter without damaging it?


Don’t worry! You can still create your go-to style in the winter season with less damage. We have you covered. Our Hydraluxe Pro ranges focus on preserving your hairs’ perfect balance of moisture, while styling at lower temperatures for no heat damage*.

 You can learn more about the full Hydraluxe range here

Is hair colour affected by the weather?

With less sunlight to lighten your hair, you might experience a slight colour change in the winter, whether it’s your natural colour or if you colour your hair, but this usually very slight. The good news is no hair colour is more affected than others - we’re all in this together! You can always look for styling tools and hair products that are designed for colour protection too. Remington offers a selection of styling tools, made with people like you in mind...

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It’s not uncommon for hair to look or feel a little different over the winter season, but with a few little changes, some self-care and TLC, and of course your favourite Remington styling tools to hand to help with any problem areas -  you can be well on your way to feeling your best.

*Hydraluxe Pro Collection - no added damage vs. un-dried, un-styled hair when styling with the Hydracare function switched on at the recommended temperature.

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