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Air Plates – a revelation in straightening innovation

At Remington® we just can’t stop innovating and creating even better products. For 80 years we’ve been designing and developing personal styling and grooming products and technologies to help you look and feel great – and here we are with yet another world first.

Comfortable, easy to handle and at less than half a kilogram, in 2017 we launched the very latest invention in the hair straighteners’ market, Air Plates.

A truly exciting and unique take on straightening products, our dedicated design team decided to find a way to improve the traditional design of these indispensible hair care products so that guys and girls around the world could take full control of their styling.

The results? Pretty outstanding we’re pleased to say!

Smooth every strand with one stroke

Traditional hair straighteners have long been a real style-saver for millions, but we love to break away from convention and redevelop our clever creations with even more innovations.

Our team came up with the idea of using a suspended plate system as an alternative to the usual rigid plates. When trialled, we found that it allowed the straighteners to move freely with your hair – this means maximum contact at every stroke, for superbly sleek results. One-stroke styling was finally born.

The flexibility provided by the air plate system makes it more comfortable and much easier to get completely even coverage as you go, adjusting as you move from root to tip to ensure no strand is left untouched.

Not content with the luxurious black titanium infused plates, we also added 10 times more ceramic to ensure the straighteners can glide even more smoothly through the hair – no catching or snagging, just fast and long-lasting straightening power.

Control and convenience

Everyone wants control over their hair style, but they don’t want their styling to control their life. In the fast-moving modern world, you want to be able to switch on and start smoothing without wasting time, so we developed Air Plates to heat up in just 15 seconds.

The integrated cool touch technology adds another big benefit too. This revolutionary design means that the heat is directed away from the outer casing, so you can grip above the plates for advanced control, making it easier than ever before to get beautifully shiny straight tresses.

We also wanted to make sure that this unparalleled product was suitable for anyone to use, so we built in five different temperature settings so you can choose the right one for you. From 150° to 230°, there’s a heat to suit every type of hair, just select and get smoothing. The integrated temperature lock means you can keep going without fear of turning things up (or down) a notch too.

To help with comfort, convenience and control, they’re light and easy to handle – and when you’re finished, just pop them in the heatproof pouch and go out to show off your super sleek style.

All in a day’s work

While we may have brought you another world first with our amazing Air Plates, we fully intend to maintain our reputation for developing and launching never-seen-before styling and grooming products.

This state-of-the-art hair straightener shows how seriously we take our commitment to our customers, and you can bet that there are even more incredible innovations to come.

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