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Shining a light on home hair removal

For generations, men and women around the world only had one option when it came to long-lasting hair removal: spending a small fortune at beauty salons and clinics for IPL treatments. Not to be confused with laser hair removal, IPL stands for ‘Intense Pulsed Light’ – a safer alternative to the laser approach. In 2010, we transformed the marketplace by launching the first ever home-use IPL system, the i-Light IPL5000.

Sophisticated and smart, this hand-held device emits light energy which is absorbed directly into the hair follicle below the skin’s surface, stunning it into submission and disabling the growth mechanism for weeks at a time.

While a trip to receive a beauty treatment can feel indulgent and luxurious, when it comes to keeping on top of body hair, scheduling regular visits around other commitments and activities can become a bit of a burden. We knew it was time to bring this specialist treatment into our homes – so we partnered with a leading dermatologist and started developing another global first.

Head to toe trimming

These, of course, were the three core requirements when it came to introducing a home-use hair removal machine. After all, it needed to offer a genuine alternative to clinical treatment otherwise what would be the point? A cutting edge product requires cutting edge technology, and Intense Pulsed Light is exactly what the professionals use.

We didn’t just want to provide the basics though, so we went a step further, creating not just the original home IPL product, but the first system to include a multi-flash mode – making it one of the fastest ever methods to remove unwanted body hair.

As with all our pioneering innovations, we wanted to design something that was easy to use too, so we created a small, lightweight hand-held device packed with a stack of fabulous features.

Smooth, silky skin with no irritation

To save the bulk of a battery during use, we decided to separate the power base from the hand piece, so it’s super easy to move around during use, and we also integrated UV protection in the flash window.

The LED indicators provide an at-a-glance reference so you can quickly see what light intensity setting you’ve selected and the bulb life remaining – so you can get ready with a replacement. There’s also an integrated mode setting, so that you always have the choice of using a single flash for spot treatments, or using the multi-flash option for larger areas, all at the touch of a button.

From legs to chests, bikini lines and underarms, backs or shoulders, the unisex i-Light gives you flawlessly smooth skin, won’t irritate or scar, and offers an impressive 1,500 flashes per bulb.

Real results for the reduction of re-growth

Studies prove that just one treatment can result in significant hair reduction. But for the best effects, simply repeat the removal process as soon as you start noticing some re-growth.

While a single treatment can bring significant results, the best effects are gained by repeating the treatment session as soon as you notice the hair has started to regrow, with most people finding that re-treating the same area three times in total, spaced out every two to three weeks, brings the optimum results.

Once completed, you can be hair free for up to 3 months – salon-standard results but so much more convenient and cost-effective.

The evolution of innovation

We were delighted to be the first innovators in home-use IPL with the launch of the i-Light IPL5000. Since then we’ve continued to redesign and develop IPL systems to keep up with your needs and to ensure our products are always on the pulse of innovation.

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