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Beard trimming at a touch

Whether you like it bushy or barely there, beard control is an everyday fact of life for millions of men – and in 2011, we made it our mission to take trimming and taming to the next level, with the release of yet another world first.

Paving the way in personal care has always been our passion, but we were particularly pleased with this unique, user-friendly innovation. The Touch Control by Remington® was the very first product of its kind, allowing you to tidy up your facial hair with the help of a fantastic touch screen feature integrated into this pioneering beard and stubble trimmer.

However, not content with just the touch screen technology, our development and design teams also decided we needed to change the game of facial hair care in another way too.

The precision decision

Improved functionality means nothing unless you can deliver even better results too – well, not to us anyway.

So we also upped the ante in terms of trimming precision, imbedding an almost unbelievable 175 length settings into the motorised comb component. Yes, you heard that right, this truly revolutionary product has a setting scope of 0.4 to 18mm, and the awesome ability to increase or decrease the length in 0.1mm increments.

We also added in our unique tri boost system with its 3 step speed setting for the ultimate in control.

The original concept was based around busy men with a requirement for precision in their work – think free runners, F1 test drivers and snowboarders – we’ve reflected that need for accuracy in the results provided by this product.

Let’s get digital

We don’t mean to boast, but we provided even more than you could have expected with the launch of this novel, touch control creation.

The touch screen gave us loads of opportunities to give you a great new gadget that would make trimming even more convenient, including 4 digital display indicators to make it even easier to operate.

Just a quick look at the screen shows you how much usage time you have left, the length setting you’re using, whether it’s locked or unlocked and what speed you’re on – everything you need at a cursory cast of the eye.

Tailor at a touch

The screen doesn’t just add to its stylish looks though: the touch screen technology we used meant that the trimmer became as intuitive to use as a smartphone, while looking super-smart and streamlined too.

Sensitive and sophisticated, the screen gives you access to super-smart speed and length settings, so you can easily select your specifications, then slide the lock-in feature so you can trim and tidy without accidently adjusting the settings mid-shave.

A marvellous market milestone

Beautifully blending functionality with the latest technology and superior precision, the Touch Control Beard and Stubble Trimmer was brilliantly received when it went to market.

While this marked another magnificent milestone, we’re still reinventing and reworking our beard trimmers, keeping a close eye on new technologies to help you stay smart, tidy and feeling fantastic.

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