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Why wait, when you can go from Wet2Straight™?

We’ve always been at the forefront of product progress, so we’re constantly creating and innovating to ensure our customers look and feel great – but while hair straightening had already come a long way by the 21st century, our development team hit on a new idea that would transform the market.

Although hair straighteners had been sold around the world for some time, in 2004 we released the first ever Wet2Straight™ product – and what a revelation it was! Whilst straighteners had provided a near-perfect frizz-busting solution to achieving super-sleek locks, the requirement to blow dry your hair beforehand meant that hair was being dealt double the heat for double the effort.

We wanted to find a way to reduce the time it would take to get picture perfect hair on a busy morning before work, or when in a rush to get ready for a night out on the town – so we did just that...

The new generation of straighteners

The Wet2Straight™ really was a ground-breaking development – that did away with the hair-breaking hassle of styling overload. Whether fighting frizz, smoothing curls or straightening out kinks, this fantastic new product gave our customers a new way to achieve a silky finish in extra fast time.

Designed to be used directly on towel-dried hair, this brand new straightener allowed users to ditch the hair dryer and skip straight to the next step – while simultaneously protecting the hair from thermal stress.

Super ceramics

We knew that a time-saving way to straighten could only be a good thing, but we also needed to make sure that hair would be left in great condition as well as being frizz-free... so we introduced the latest in Teflon ceramic coated plates, along with a blend of micro conditioners to keep hair smooth and styled all day. This infused technology delicately smoothes the molecular conditioning agents evenly onto the hair and works for the entire lifetime of the product.

We also needed a way to displace the steam created by the excess water, so we designed special vent holes – you can even hear it working, with a telltale ‘sssssss’ sound as the water vaporises into steam. This ‘steam hydration therapy’ had never been used before – cleverly locking in the right amount of moisture for quicker, kinder and longer-lasting results.

Breaking the rules, not your hair

Not only did this brand new product mean faster straightening, but we also incorporated a range of additional features for safety and convenience.

The ergonomic design means styling in comfort, and once you plug it in, it’s ready to go in just 15 seconds! A digital LCD display lets you keep an eye on the temperature – just choose a heat setting between 150°C and 230°C and get to work, with the peace of mind provided by the key lock, ensuring no accidental temperature change.

For those who leave the house and then spend all day worrying whether they turned their straighteners off, we also added an automatic safety shut-off that kicks in after an hour – plus a handy, heat-proof pouch for safe storage.

Gentle but effective, our pioneering Wet2Straight product also has the option for use on dry hair, so if you want shiny smooth styling without washing first, just switch the button to your chosen setting and off you go.


Tested and approved by leading trichologist Tony Maleedy, and the Materials Research Centre at the UK’s University of Bath, the final word really had to go to our users – and in independent studies, 80% agreed that it kept their hair frizz-free for 8 hours.

We keep on innovating, inventing and creating even better products, because you deserve the very best at all times.

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