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Managing your ‘man-scaping’

Body hair. It’s always been there, but it’s not always been so easy to manage.

In 2004, our innovation experts brought the first ever Body Hair Trimmer and Shaver to market. Nothing of its kind had ever been seen before, and it changed the world of male grooming.

A creation borne of necessity, this high precision product launched in the era that brought us the metrosexual male: meticulously groomed and unashamed about body hair removal and presenting a stylish and well-maintained image.

The problem was that waxing wasn’t (and isn’t) for everyone – and for those only wanting to tidy things up rather than remove their body hair entirely, there were no gadgets or accessories to help.

It was clear that the male market was ready for something new, and as it turned out, the Remington Body Hair Trimmer and Shaver proved to be a real game-changer...

Head to toe trimming

While we’d already gone cordless, solved the shaving dilemma for women and introduced titanium, this was a fabulous first for men who wanted an all-in-one solution to fight the fuzz.

Designed for total body hair trimming, we knew that we needed to develop a versatile product that would offer ultimate performance and the capacity to cope with an all-over grooming session. The very first of its type to be released, we ensured it could run for 40 minutes of cordless use, and included 2 different heads – one for shaving, one for trimming.

With 5 pre-set lengths and additional zoom wheel settings, suddenly men could choose a much more pleasant alternative to hair removal than the solutions currently available – all in the comfort of their own home. If they didn’t want to go straight to the skin, they finally had an option to choose exactly how long or low to go.

Shower, smooth and shape

The Men’s Body Hair Trimmer and Shaver was the perfect tool for men on the move, it provided the option to use dry or in the shower, saving time and reducing the need for cleaning up hair clippings afterwards.

However, while all this was well and good, we also needed to ensure that we offered the tools to tame and tidy with real precision, so we cleverly crafted a removable comb into the body to help with trimming and shaping, and included an interchangeable dual foil for even smoother results.

This astoundingly innovative product finally gave men total freedom to manage their man-scaping, whether they wanted a completely smooth shave or to simply neaten things up – and we were super proud to be the very first to dream up the idea and turn it into reality.

Easy excellence

The year before we released this fab new product, we’d started using titanium in our shavers – so of course it was only natural that we featured titanium coated blades in this new invention. Why? Titanium is lightweight, strong and offers excellent cutting performance, so shave after shave, it keeps on giving its best.

Whether tackling a trim or removing hair entirely, you want to keep your personal grooming products hygienically clean, so our design experts also made sure the Body Hair Trimmer and Shaver was washable – remove the heads, give it a rinse and put it away in the handy storage pouch ready for next time.

Although already leaders in our field by the early noughties, we’ve always seen it as our job to make life easier for our customers, so we also added an Easy View® window on the casing – a quick glance is all that’s needed to check the length setting for cutting with confidence.

So as the new century slowly edged forward, so did the men’s grooming market... with a little helping hand from Remington. That was just the start of this particular shaving and shaping journey; our development team are continually improving our products, releasing new shaving technologies all the time to help men across the globe look sharp and suave.

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