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90’s trends we loved vs those we’d love to forget

In our opinion no era experimented with fashion quite like the 90’s. We saw hairstyles like curtains and frosted tips paired with fashion items like popper joggers and chained wallets. And whilst this era of fashion trial and error created many trends we loved, it also created many trends we’d love to forget. Here is our list of 90’s heaven and 90’s hell.

Trends we loved

Bucket Hats

Well, we think the bucket hat speaks for itself. It’s now appearing at every festival, hipster hangout and even on the guy walking past you down the street. Although the 90’s made this trend cool, we’re still working it.

Acid wash ripped jeans and band tee

The chilled out grunge look is back – that’s right lads; it’s now cool to look like you’ve made no effort (even if we know you have!). Pairing ripped acid wash jeans with a 90’s rock band tee is a look that seemingly never tires. Talk about maximum style with minimum effort.

The neon windbreaker

We hate to admit it but we have a soft spot in our hearts for the neon windbreaker. Perfect for rainy days, festivals and as for the neon… well it’s safe in the dark. We’re taking the neon windbreakers side on this one – we’re glad it’s returned.

Backwards baseball cap

We love the backwards baseball cap – and yes wearing it backwards makes all the difference. This accessory makes anyone look cool and current and that’s not the best part. The trendy backwards baseball cap is perfect for hiding those bad hair days (we all have them) or even receding hairlines for those of us wearing a little thin.

Colour tinted sunglasses

Worn by almost everyone in the 90’s, these glasses came in a variety of colours to suit all. Whether you worked them in pink, green, red, orange, yellow or blue – these glasses could make anyone look cool. It’s got to be said, we’re happy they’ve made a comeback.

Trends we’d love to forget

Rope choker necklace

The only word that comes to our mind is… itchy. No matter how fashionable these rope chokers were or how much we aspired to look like our idols who wore them, we don’t think we’d ever put our necks through this again.

Popper Joggers

Popper joggers were an iconic 90’s fashion trend. A stylish and practical design that could be rolled up into shorts for those hot summer days – or so we thought. The reality of popper joggers was very different. Yes, think unexpected baring of the skin, and spending the whole day buttoning them back up.

Chain wallets

In our opinion, chain wallets are better off forgotten. We still have flashbacks of 90’s men wearing tucked in t-shirts to flaunt the ever-growing chains hanging from their pockets. Our only style advice is, if you have to wear it, at least untuck your t-shirt.

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