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90’s hair we rocked

The Scrunchie

The scrunchie was one of the major staple trends of the 90’s and almost every girl owned one. More than just an accessory, it was not only a style definer but also a convenience. Perfect for those bad hair days when a hairbrush just wasn’t going to cut it – yes we all had them. Sometimes the scrunchie was our only saviour and we loved its ability to tie up our matted manes. Whilst we are sad we haven’t seen a re-emergence of it just yet, most of us still remain hopeful – and secretly continue to wear ours around the house.

Crimped hair

The style we all know and loved. Crimped hair was one of the sassiest styles about in the 90’s and we can see why it’s made a comeback. Although this style sometimes left us looking like we’d had an electric shock, we will always have a soft spot in our hearts for this crimped style.

Raver Knots

The raver knots were a style worn by the edgy pop princesses out there. If you sported this style in the 90’s, you were definitely one of the cool kids on the block. And this style is so quirky and current, it’s even made a comeback, now appearing at every music festival, becoming the must have look.

Coloured streaks

Now most rebellious 90’s teens out there had coloured streaks. Inspired by our favourite popstars, cool hair was colourful. But not all of us were brave enough to go permanent. Many of us rocked the semi-permanent wash out dyes or clip in coloured streaks that allowed us to be edgy for the weekend and back to our natural colour before college or work. Yes, we definitely sound more geek than chic right now, but if the trend ever comes back around we promise we’ll go permanent… (We think).


What can we say about tendrils? Well, was it even possible in the 90’s to put your hair up without them? The thing we loved most about tendrils was, for two small pieces of hair they had so much potential. They could be crimped, twisted, curled or simply left to hang straight. Now that we think about it, why did they ever go out of fashion?

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