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How to rock the 80’s like it’s hot

The 80’s seemed to follow one rule – the bigger the better. Whether it was the side pony tail, voluminous curls and massive bows that catch your eye, or the big, padded, power blazers and strikingly bold makeup – we have to admit we’ve got a bit of a crush on the 80’s. We’re here to pay homage to this loud and proud decade and help you master some of the funky hairstyles of the era.

Voluminous curls

We adore this look. No decade did voluminous curls quite like the 80’s. Whether you’re heading to work or a night on the town, this versatile style can be worn for any occasion. And, if you’re looking to get some height, you can backcomb this look into a seriously big blown up mane.

Get the look: This style is best achieved using a curling wand. Start by curling the hair all over until you’re left with tight springy curls. Next, run your fingers through the curls to separate them before backcombing for extra volume. Lastly, tip your head upside down and spray with maximum hold hairspray to secure the look.

High ponytail

The high ponytail is one of the sassiest style definers of this period. Being super quick to create and perfect for looking chic and casual, this style can add a little 80’s to your everyday style. And, if you want to amp up this look, try turning your high pony into a side pony or ramp up your volume with some serious back combing.

Get the look: Tip your head forward and gather all of your hair together. Aim to get this at the highest point of your head for the best look. Tie a bobble around the hair and let it either fall naturally or backcomb your pony tail for some extra volume to get the real 80’s look.

Big Bows

We know nothing screams the 80’s like oversized bows. This look is perfect for those dull hair days, when you need to add some flair to your hair. We recommend starting off with clip-in bows, until you master the technique of bow tying – nothing says amateur like a floppy bow.

Get the look: To get the perfect bow, simply wrap the material underneath the hair and then around to the top of the head. Tie the material into a knot and then create two separate loops. Wrap one of the loops around the other and pull it through to create a bow.


We love the vibrant and vivacious makeup of the 80’s. From bold colours to striking effects; the only way to describe this era’s look is eclectic. Despite our adoration for this style, we know this look might be a little too loud for a casual day at work. We recommend that instead, you take the flamboyant colours of the 80’s and make them current. Try creating a cut crease using an energetic orange or blend a smokey eye with a statement blue.

Now, let’s get onto those brows. Like everything else in the 80’s, strong statement eyebrows were all the rage and now they’re finally back. So it’s time to give our brows a rest from the threading, plucking and waxing and let those brows grow bushy.


Here’s our 80’s clothing checklist, to ensure you have everything you need to get the look.

  • Big padded shoulders
  • Power blazers
  • Neon coloured tops, jumpers and skirts
  • Customized denim jacket
  • Bangles and hoop earrings
  • Baggy jumpers
  • Spandex
  • Coloured leg warmers

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