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Hairstyles of the 80’s – they’re back!

From the mullet to the mohawk, the jheri curl to a slicked-back pompadour or the edgy high top fade – these are the hairstyles that represent a decade and they’re making a comeback. With that being said, these are our top tips to help you recreate these iconic styles and bring a touch of the 80’s into the twenty first century.


How could anyone forget this iconic hairstyle of the 80’s? With business in the front and a party in the back, the Mullet was one of the ultimate go to looks for any man. And for anyone who doesn’t know this style – you should. Every year a reinvention of this look manages to make its way back on to the red carpet, so really, the mullet never goes out of style.

Top Tip: We know the party in the back is important, but we suggest keeping it at a tidy length to ensure that you don’t end up looking more hillbilly than handsome.

The High Top Fade

From Hip Hop to High Top Fade, the fade was one of the most popular styles of the 80’s. Inspired by the hottest hip hop musicians of the day, this cool and coveted style is so current we can see why it’s made a comeback. If you like to be ahead of trends, we suggest you book your haircut now because this hairstyle is going to be everywhere.

Top Tip: Add volume to your hair with some wax or hairspray to keep your hair standing upright.

Jheri Curl

We love this hairstyle, it’s quirky, fun and was a major player in 80’s popular culture. Anybody remember Prince Akeem’s love rival and his obsession with his jheri curls? Least not forgetting the king of pop himself - if it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for us. We know this style isn’t for everyone, but if you’re confident enough to work this look, you’ll be right on trend with the catwalks.

Top Tip: Invest in some curl activator gel to keep your curls looking moist.

Wet slicked-back pompadour

If you’re looking for a professional hairstyle that leaves you looking sharp, then throw it back to the 80’s with this slicked back style. This wet-look pompadour was so popular, even Mr Presley himself sported this style. Finished with pomade to create a shiny, wet look, we know this hairstyle will soon be worn by many a stylish man heading into the office.

Top Tip: Start by using a small amount of pomade and gradually add in more if you feel necessary.

The Mohawk

The mohawk is back and it’s just as big and just as wild as it was in the 80’s. Whether you’re embracing your punk youth or you’re new to the mohawk scene, you’re bound to stand out in the crowd with this cut. We suggest you start growing your hair now for some serious height on your Mohawk.

Top Tip: Be prepared for lots of attention - trust us.

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