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Are you a Hippie or a 60’s Poster Girl?

The Swinging Sixties saw the emergence of two distinct styles that split the fashion world. On one side we had the Hippie girl, with her laidback bohemian style and peaceful nature. On the other side we had the preened and polished 60’s poster girl, who took her fashion seriously.

In our opinion, both styles would be given some serious fashion points from us, so take our quiz below to find out which fashionista you’d be.

Hippie Girl

In the era of free love and peace the psychedelic hippie look was one of the main style staples. Dressed in floaty floral dresses, tasselled tops and ponchos, this style was not only carefree but a coveted look.

Hair: We know that every flower power lover was as laidback with their hair as they were with their approach to life. Embracing a natural straight style or free flowing waves, the hippie girl’s main style definer was the middle parting – and she really worked it. But even the bohemian styled girl couldn’t resist accessories. Decorating her hair with flowers, rope headbands and feathers – we’ve got to say, we loved her style.

Makeup: Now let’s talk about makeup – or the lack of. The free spirited girls of the 60’s loved the au naturel look and we seriously admire them for embracing their natural beauty.

60’s Poster Girl

With fashion as their forte, mod girls put some serious time into their appearance. Inspired by Mary Quant and her famous design that popularised the mini-skirt, fashion was at the forefront of every fashion forward girl’s mind. Pairing up miniskirts and mini dresses with knee-high boots, the 60’s poster girl always looked fashionable and flawless.

Hair: The fashionista’s of the 60’s rocked one of two hairstyles – the fabulously sleek pixie cut or the big, bouffant beehive. But one thing was for certain, whichever look they favoured; their hair was always perfectly styled.

Makeup: Drawn to dark dramatic eye makeup, the 60’s poster girl loved her eyeliner – and we know the feeling. But most importantly, they knew that no look would be complete without false eyelashes.

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