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Are you an Ivy Leaguer or a Bad Boy Greaser?

In our opinion, style and fashion is all about the juxtaposition, and few decades sum this up better than the 50’s. The two style tribes of the era couldn’t have been more different and yet both score high on the fashion leader board.

In the red corner: the Ivy Leaguer – perfectly charming and immaculately turned out.

Smouldering and brooding in the blue corner: the slicked back hair and suave styling of the Bad Boy Greaser.

Ivy Leaguer

This preppy style emerged from the clothing choices of prestigious college students. A classy and coveted look that implied intellect and wealth, the Ivy Leaguer was always dressed to impress and had an impeccable charm to match.

Clothing: Sophistication and class was woven into every item of clothing worn by the Ivy Leaguer. From sweaters, polo shirts, chinos and brogues to a more formal suit jacket with coordinated tie.

Hair: The Ivy League look was shiny, short, and most importantly, neatly styled. Pomade was very popular when creating this slicked back style, adding shine but also fundamental in smoothing hair over into that iconic deep side parting.

Bad Boy Greaser

Everything about the Greasers was cool, from their behavior to their haircuts; they were the real bad boys of town. With a love for motorbikes, cars, rock ‘n’ roll music and the lifestyle that went with it – everyone wanted to be them. This style was adored as much by Hollywood icons as it was rebellious teens.

Clothes: Greasers kept their outfits simple. Wearing a basic white or black t-shirt, a leather jacket and rolled up cuffed jeans. Basically, minimal styling with maximum impact..

Hair: One thing is certain – the Greasers hairstyles definitely reflected their name. Alongside a generous helping of styling product, Greasers went for either the pompadour look or the ducktail cut – affectionately known as the duck butt. These two styles were totally unlike any other hair trends at the time – rebels!

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