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Our tips for getting the perfect bikini body

Beachwear design changed forever in 1946. The bikini was invented and generations of serious sun worshippers were born. Fabulously sun-kissed skin was the new in thing and celebrities were pictured everywhere wearing a bikini. We’re here to give you some tips for getting bikini ready and what tools we think are best for the job.

How to get your body summer ready

We know how important it is to be preened and polished in time for summer. From hair removal to exfoliating, we have the tools that will help you get an evenly bronzed beach bod.

Let’s talk about hair removal first. There are various different options available for removing hair, from shaving and trimming to the more permanent IPL. Our job is to help you choose the best method for you.


In our opinion, shaving is a fast and effective way to remove hair with minimal fuss. We know ingrown hair and shaving rashes can be troublesome, but not with the right shaver. We recommend choosing a shaver infused with oils or a moisturising balm, so you not only achieve a close and comfortable shave, but you’re left with silky smooth skin.

Bikini trimmer

We understand how important hair removal is when we’re baring all in a tiny bikini, which is why it’s vital we keep this area trimmed. We suggest using a bikini trimmer that has varying comb sizes, so you can achieve the length and style you desire.


IPL stands for Intense Pulsed light and it works by the device emitting light energy directly to the hair follicle. This stuns the hair and supresses hair growth, making it the perfect way to stay hair free for your whole holiday. We love this method of hair removal, because after 3 IPL treatments your hair growth can be permanently reduced – yes you heard us right. IPL also puts an end to painful hair regrowth and ingrown hairs, what more could you want? We think this is the perfect hair removal solution for anyone looking to have permanent hair removal or alternatively those prone to ingrown hairs.

Don’t forget… Body brush

Getting an even and flawless tan is every sun worshipper’s goal for the summer, which is why the body brush is definitely a summer essential. Whether you’re exfoliating the top layer of skin to prep yourself for some serious tanning or you’re looking to polish your skin giving it a hydrated and fresh glow – the body brush has you covered. And best of all, for those of you who have to resort to fake tan, (we include ourselves in that number) the body brush is perfect for smoothing your skin, ready for an even application.

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