Ultimate Series Rotary Shaver R9


A smooth, sensitive shave

The Ultimate Series R9 Shaver puts comfort at the forefront of your shaving routine. With ComfortSpin heads, your skin will never have felt smoother. So how does it work? The outer ring of each head rotates anti-clockwise, while the inner cutters turn clockwise - this counter-direction spinning creates less friction and reduced sensitivity on the skin. With the Ultimate Series R9, you can achieve a shave that fills you with confidence, whilst in complete comfort.

Closer cutting

The LiftLogic Blades give you a closer cutting performance*. Helping you achieve a smoother shave, the first blade lifts and pulls the hair taut before the second blade comes across and cuts the hair closer to the hair follicle. 

More Information

  • ComfortSpin heads
  • LiftLogic blades
  • Antimicrobial Defence system
  • Multidirectional shave heads
  • Adjustable Grooming styler 
  • 100% waterproof
  • Detail trimmer
  • Lithium-powered - up to 60-minutes run-time
  • 90-minutes charge-time
  • LED display
  • 5-minute quick-charge feature
  • Storage case
  • Cordless
  • Charge stand
  • Turbo mode
  • Travel lock
  • 2-year guarantee - register your product online for an extra year’s guarantee

* v's the Remington predecessor model.

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