PowerSeries Aqua Pro Rotary Shaver


PowerSeries Aqua Pro Rotary Shaver

The Power Series Aqua Pro combines our innovative ComfortPivot head and ActiveContour technology to provide the ultimate coverage and smoothest transition from face to neck. The 3 individual cutting heads glide along the distinct shape of your face with increased flexibility, never missing a hair.

Take your shave routine into the shower, as the Aqua Pro is 100% waterproof. Every feature of the Aqua Pro makes it the perfect shaver for maximum contact in minimum time.

Active Contour Technology

Our unique ComfortPivot head flexes as it glides across your face for optimum comfort and firmer shaving action.

The ActiveContour technology means each shaving head adjusts to the unique contours of your face and neck.

Anti-microbial Head Surrounds

The Antimicrobial Head Surrounds resist bacteria and work to reduce the irritation caused by most shavers, making the PowerSeries perfect for those with shaving worries.

Up to 50 mins runtime

Whether you’re going out to work or going out for the night, a 50-minute run time makes the Aqua Pro perfect for grooming on the go. The addition of  the LED indicator lets you see when the product needs to be charged - so you’re never left without optimal performance.


We are confident that you will be pleased with your new Remington product but if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the results it delivers we will refund your money back. Terms and Conditions apply.

More Information

• ComfortPivot Head – shaving surface flexes for contact & comfort

• Antimicrobial Head Surrounds – for a clean, sensitive shave

• 100% Waterproof

• Active Contour – 33% more contour*, each shaving head adjusts to 

  the contours of your face

• Dual Track Cutters – 50% more shaving coverage**

• ComfortTrim – rounded edge pop up trimmer

• Anti-slip grip

• Precision engineered steel blades 

• Lithium Powered

• 50 mins run time

• 4 hours charge

• Cord/Cordless

• LED indicator – Charge / Low / Full

• Universal voltage

• Headguard

3 stage led charging indicator contour blades dual track blades lithium powered pop up trimmer

*Vs. standard Remington rotary range

**Vs. single track rotary shaver

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