REVEAL Beauty Trimmer


Flawless Results

Your make up only looks as good as the base it’s put on, so use this beauty tool to create a smooth hair free base and sculpted eyebrows, leaving you with an enviously flawless finish – every girl will want to know your secret.

Gorgeous Brows

These handy precision tweezers with a built-in LED light illuminate your face and reveal even the finest hair - perfect for those crucial finishing touches to your shape so you’ll never miss a hair.

More Information

  • Eyebrow comb with 2 length settings
  • Built-in light
  • Includes protective cap
  • Battery operated - 1x AAA included
  • Includes Precision Tweezers:
    • Built-in LED light to reveal even the finest hairs
    • Battery operated - 3x cell batteries included

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