Beard Boss Professional


Beard Boss Professional

Achieving neatly defined facial hair has never been easier thanks to the Remington Beard Boss Professional.

Allowing you to take control of your style, this trimmer features titanium coated blades that are 300%* tougher than stainless steel. Perfect for trimming even the toughest of hairs, this strong and sturdy trimmer can help you achieve a neatly shaped beard in no time at all.

The Beard Boss Professional has a versatile 13 length settings perfect for creating a variety of different styles and looks. Whether you want to work stylish stubble or a thicker, well maintained beard, you can choose from a variety of versatile lengths from 1.5mm to 18mm.

Powered by Lithium long-life batteries you have an impressive 50 minutes usage time to trim, shape and style your beard to perfection. And the Beard Boss Professional also comes with washable blades so you can clean it in between uses to keep it in top notch condition.

Sharp cutting performance

The Beard Boss Profesional’s trimmer comes with CaptureTrim Serrated blades that sharply cut through the hair with ease. Designed to trim your beard hair without tugging, these blades neatly cut your hair with ultimate precision for a more defined look.

Adjustable Cutting

Choosing a trimming length has never been easier with the adjustable comb wheel. Allowing you to change the height of your trimming comb you can choose between a range of shorter and longer lengths.

More Information

• CaptureTrim Serrated blades – for a sharp cutting performance 

• 13 length settings with micro stubble precision (1.5-18mm)

• Titanium coated blades

• Comfort tip blades

• Easy use comb adjustment wheel

• Length setting display window

• Cord/Cordless

• Lithium powered - up to 50 mins usage time

• 4 hour charge time

• Charging indicator light

• Washable blade

• Cleaning brush

50 Mins Adjustable Wheel 2 Titanium coated plates Capture trim blades Washable Washable blades Lithium Powered Length Settings 2 Length Settings Comfort tip blades Anti slip grip Adjustable Wheel Adjustable combs
*Versus Remington steel blade

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