Compact Control HPL


Compact Control HPL

Stay silky smooth and hair-free wherever you travel with the Remington Compact Control Home Pulse Light (HPL), featuring innovative Advanced Triggerless Technology.

Guaranteed to become your best travelling companion, the Compact Control HPL device will ensure you can achieve salon smooth skin every day, permanently. Presented in a neat and compact design with five energy settings, you can achieve up to 92% hair reduction*.

Not to be confused with laser hair removal, the HPL works by giving 3.5 joules of light energy. Thanks to the Advanced Triggerless Technology, you simply place the device in contact with the skin and it will deliver a flash without the need for holding or pressing a button.

Suitable for both male and females, the Remington Compact Control HPL is gentle on skin and easy to use when on-the-go. The small handheld design can easily fit in hand luggage, should you want to top up your hair removal sessions on your travels.

The premium storage case means it is easy to pack, whilst you can ensure your Compact Control HPL is fresh for every use using the handy cleaning cloth.

Up To 92% Hair Reduction*

By completing the sessions as instructed and following the user manual to guide you through your hair free journey, you can accomplish up to 92% hair reduction*. 

Triggerless pulse and five energy settings

Just 20 minutes is all you will need to achieve a full body treatment session; the triggerless pulse button allows you to remove hair without pressing the button each time, making it ideal for time conscious users. The five energy settings allow you to tailor the treatment to suit your skin to ensure a comfortable yet effective result.

More Information

• Corded

• 350,000 Flash Count

• 3.5 Joules of power

• Between 1 and 3.5 Seconds

• Up to 92% hair reduction*

• Advanced Triggerless Technology

• 5 Energy Settings

• Cleaning Cloth

• Premium Storage Case

• User Manual



350,000 Flashes In use Permanent hair reduction Skin chart No replacement needed How to use 2 How to use 20 Mins

*Individual results vary. In clinical testing on the body, treatment sites showed up to 92% hair reduction after one month and on average 54% three months after six treatments.

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