IPL i-Light Luxe


Dr Barbara Kubicka, Expert in Technical Beauty, recommends

“For in-home hair reduction, the Remington i-Light Luxe allows you to achieve salon results, both safely and comfortably. Confidence is permanent.”

Personalised hair removal

i-Light Luxe delivers the optimum wavelength compared with other IPL devices, which heat the upper levels of skin only. This means your hair follicle will absorb more light and grow back less quickly, while you can enjoy permanent results in 3 treatments*. The intelligent skin sensors on the IPL Luxe are integrated into the handle, so will continuously read and adjust to the best power for your skin tone. 

More Information

  • Ergonomic handle design
  • 3 Second flash rate
  • IPL Pro Pulse technology
  • No replacement bulbs needed
  • Wider 3cm² treatment window
  • Suitable for skin tones I-V
  • Single and multi-flash modes
  • 5x smart power level LED's
  • Permanent hair reduction*
  • For use on the femal face** and body
  • Unisex

Safety Features

  • Integrated skin tone tester - continuously reads skin tone (10x every second)
  • Integrated skin tone sensor
  • Integrated UV filter
  • max 6J of power given to skin tone V

Also Includes

  • Beauty storage bag
  • Lint free cloth
  • Instruction book
  • 5 year warranty

* Individual results vary. In clinical testing on skin tones I-IV on the body, treatment sites showed up to 94.3% and on average 66% fewer hairs twelve months after just three treatments. Similar to results observed from professional hair removal devices.**Only suitable for female facial use below the cheek bone.

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