Pro Power Titanium


Pro Power Titanium

We know that looking well-groomed and smart is important to you, which is why we’re confident you will love our Pro Power Titanium, designed to deliver your perfect trimming length in no time.

This innovative clipper features Advanced Blade Geometry, designed to maximise cutting efficiency to cleanly cut hairs, allowing you to achieve professional results from your own home. Combining its Pro Power Motor for twice the cutting performance* and AccuAngle blades with a 42-degree angle for a sharper cut, you can be confident every time you pick up the Pro Power Titanium.

Titanium blades deliver durability and performance, quickly shaving hair close to the skin with every pass, while innovative SlideSelect Adjustable Combs allow you to style your look with precision. Whether it’s a faded beard, or the short stubble look, you can to choose between 1-44mm length settings to ensure you look sharp at all times.

The Pro Power Titanium can run cordless for up to 60 minutes so you’ll never need to worry about being cut off halfway through your styling session, however if you would rather stay connected, corded usage is also available.

What’s more, the cord detaches making the hair clipper easy to store and transport if needed, and comes complete with oil and a cleaning brush to keep the blades in tip top condition.

Pro Power Motor for 2 x The Cutting Performance*

Designed with a large motor that gives you 2x the cutting performance*, cutting your hair has never been quicker. Giving a powerful performance, this technology makes sure more of your hair is cut every second, so there’s never an excuse for a bad hair day.

Advanced Blade Geometry’

The Pro Power Motor is designed to consistently maximise cutting efficiency to cleanly cut hairs*, allowing you to achieve professional results from your own home.

More Information

• Advanced blade geometry

• AcuAngle blades

• SlideSelect adjustable combs with auto lock

• Titanium coated blades

• Cord/cordless with up to 60 min runtime

• 14-16 hour charge time

• Comfort tip blades

• Removable washable blade cartridge

• USB functionality

• 2 adjustable comb's – 1- 44m

• LED charge indicator

• 3 year guarantee

• Cleaning brush

• Oil bottle


Pro Power Motor Advanced blade geometry Removable Blade Length Settings Adjustable comb 2 2x cutting performance Cordless usage Comfort tip blades Charging Light Blade cartridge Adjustable comb 60 Minutes 3 Years Guarantee 3 Years Guarantee
*Versus a standard Remington Hair Clipper

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