My Groom Hair Clipper


My Groom Hair Clipper

The My Groom Hair Clipper’s powerful motor means it packs twice as much cutting performance* as our standard Remington clipper – and at great value.

Self-sharpening stainless-steel blades help you to achieve consistent results every time, while the oil and cleaning brush, which are included with the product, ensure it keeps in prime working condition. The clipper is corded, so you can be reassured you are working with a reliable tool that won’t let you down.

You know your hair, and you know the style you want, so an adjustable comb offers an incredible 12 length settings, varying from just 1mm to 23mm. Adjust the comb as you cut different areas to create a style that’s just yours and benefit from the detachable cord which makes the hair clippers easy to store and transport if needed.

Self Sharpening Blades

Reliable and guaranteed precision. These self-sharpening blades will ensure your clippers always provide the same great quality finish.

Pro Power Motor Gives Twice The Cutting Performance*

A high powered motor helps give a fast and accurate cut, so your hair always looks great - and you’ve always got time for that last minute trim.

More Information

• Pro Power Motor – 2 x cutting performance*

• Self-sharpening, Stainless Steel blades

• Adjustable comb with 12 length settings (1-23mm)

• 2mm increments

• Corded for reliable power

• Removable power cord for easy storage

• Cleaning brush

• Oil bottle

Adjustable comb Pro Power Motor Universal Shaping Icon 3 Icon 2 Cutter Guide
*Versus a standard Remington Hair Clipper

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