Power Advanced Foil Shaver


Trimmers To Capture Every Length

The Power Advanced Shaver has dual foil and dual intercept trimmers to ensure you have greater shave coverage. Its design includes two foil shavers for close cutting, a traditional intercept cutter for trimming longer hairs and an adjustable intercept trimmer to be used for detail and capturing stray hairs.

Fully Washable

The Power Advanced Shaver is fully washable allowing you to clean it in between uses. And it can even be used with shave gel or foam for those of you that have converted from the wet side of shaving. You can now always keep your shaver in top quality condition and enjoy a clean shave with a shaver that feels as good as new.

More Information

• Turbo mode to quickly shave heavy stubble

• Lithium Powered with long lasting performance of up to 120 mins usage

• Fully washable – can use with shave gel or foam

• Dual foil & dual intercept trimmers for greater shave coverage*

• Adjustable intercept trimmer – to capture stray hairs and detail

• Flexing foils & intercepts

• Fixable head pivot

• Turbo function

• Cord/Cordless

• 2 hour charge time

• Quick charge feature

• Travel Pouch

• Charge stand

• 3 stage LED indicator

• Head guard

• Cleaning brush

• 2 year guarantee


*Versus standard Remington foil shavers 

*Versus standard Remington foil shavers

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