REVEAL Heated Eyelash Curler


Perfect Looks, Day or Night

Whatever the occasion, you can get the lash look you want. Create a perfect day look by enhancing your natural lashes, just a gentle sweep of the curler and you’ll have enviously long lashes that’ll last all day. Or use to prep your lashes before applying your favourite mascara and enjoy longer, more separated, dramatic lashes for evening glamour.

Beautiful Brows

There’s more to beautiful eyes than your lashes, and that’s why the precision tweezers are included – the perfect product for shaping and defining your brows. The built-in LED light illuminates your face to reveal even the finest hair so you can pluck to brow perfection, and never miss a hair again.

More Information

  • All in one kit for perfect lashes & beautiful brows
  • Heated Comb gently curls & separates lashes - no pinching or squeezing
  • Includes protective cap
  • Battery operated - 1x AAA included
  • Includes precision tweezers:
    • Built-in LED light to reveal even the finest hairs
    • Battery operated - 3x cell batteries included

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