Perfect Pedi Wet & Dry Callus Remover


Anti-Microbial Protection & Washable

The tapered coarse grit roller features a unique washable anti-microbial protection, allowing the device to be used multiple times. The tapered shape gives you more precision when buffing hard to reach areas, particularly on the feet.

Ergonomic Single Arm Design

The ergonomic single arm design means you have more versatility when treating difficult areas, allowing you to tackle just the dry, callus area, leaving your remaining healthy skin unharmed.

More Information

• Tapered Coarse Grit Roller (Anti-Microbial Protection & Washable)

• Tapered Extra Coarse Grit Roller (Anti-Microbial Protection & Washable)

• Anti-slip soft touch TPE Grip – perfect for wet use

• Exfoliating Brush Attachment with Natural Bristles

• Dual function on/off button with 2-speed settings

• LED indicator

• Ergonomically single armed design – allowing increasing visibility of the treatment area

• Cordless & Rechargeable

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