Dual Curl


Dual Curl

The Remington Dual Curl is the must-have beauty tool for girls who like to curl. This easy to use styler makes creating tight or loose curls completely effortless thanks to an ingenious spiral guide.

The unique barrel size selector allows you to interchange between 19mm and 31mm barrel sizes in an instant, for whatever look you want to create - tight or loose curls, you can simply switch between the two with a twist of the cool tip - making styling super easy.

With three variable temperature settings this clever styler allows you to select the heat to suit your hair type or style. For thicker hair or tighter curls, select the higher temperature (200°C) and for finer hair or looser, natural curls, turn the heat down to medium (180°C) or low (160°C). 

With this curling hero you will be able to create beautiful, tumbling twists like a professional.



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