WETech Body Groomer


100% Waterproof

Save time by incorporating your shaving regime into your daily shower routine. It’s totally washable for hygiene purposes and suitable for use with gels and foams to reenergise your face.

Maximum Coverage. Clean Results.

Our innovative shaver head design removes hairs in one glide and in any direction with its dual sided blades and foil mesh. The two pre-shave blades trim the longer hairs before the foil mesh captures the shorter hairs for maximum coverage without the worry of nicks and irritation. Reach every hair quickly, cleanly and efficiently.

Lithium Powered

Lithium powered, for long lasting performance with up to 60 minutes runtime.

More Information

• Stainless steel blades

• 100% waterproof, use dry or in the shower

• Shave head

• Main trimmer head

• 5 combs (1.5-12mm)

• Lithium powered, for long lasting performance

• Rechargeable

• Up to 60 mins usage time

• Charge indicator light

• Anti-slip grip, for extra control in the shower

• 3 year guarantee

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