PRO-Air Light 2200 Dryer


25% Feather Light

Drying your hair can sometimes feel like a bit of a workout for those with long hair. We have made the PROAir 25% lighter** with a lightweight motor and Advanced Nylon design. **vs. AC9096

50% Quieter

We created a super­efficient fan that reduces noise by 50%*, taking it from a wind machine to a quiet whisper, so you can take the salon experience home. *vs. a standard Remington dryer

More Information

  • True Salon Performance
  • 2200W Professional AC motor
  • Faster drying times
  • Feather light design
  • 50% quieter fan
  • 90% more ions ­ Frizz­free shine
  • Dffuser and 2 Concentrator attachments
  • 3 heat plus cool shot settings
  • 2 speed settings

*vs. a standard Remington dryer

*vs. AC9096

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