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Remington 100 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Terms and Conditions and Privacy Notice

Reimbursement will be made through bank transfer only.


This Money Back Guarantee is offered by (SPECTRUM BRANDS GROUP, VARTA CONSUMER BATTERIES GMBH & CO. KGAA, Alfred-Krupp-Str. 9, 73479 Ellwangen, Deutschland.) (hereinafter “Remington”).  Please do not send any applications to this address, but to the address named in clause 8.


Offer limited to the following Remington products; Female Depilation and Beauty Products: FC1000, BB1000, MD3000, FC500, FC1500, EP7035, EP7020, WDF5030, WDF4815, WPG4035, EP7010, BKT4000. IPL Products: IPL6250, IPL6500, IPL6750, IPL6780, IPL8500. Male Shave and Groom Products: MB050, MB4200, SF4880, XR1400, XR1410, XR1430/50/70, XF8705, XF8505, HC53/55/57/5900, PR1330, PR1350, PR1370, PF7200, PF7400, PF7500, PF7800


This offer is open to all private households and end-consumers with residence in (Norway) aged 18 years of age and over.


Internet access is required.


If you are not satisfied with the result obtained from using the Remington product as defined in clause 2 Remington will refund you the actual purchase price paid in accordance with these terms and conditions.


The Money Back Guarantee is valid for purchases made from 1st September 2017 till 28th February 2018 (“Promotion Period”). Applications for refund requests must be made within 100 days from date of purchase. Date of the post stamp is relevant.  Refund requests received after the Promotion Period or after 100 days after the date of purchase will be rejected.


To make an application and obtain your refund, go to and download the request from. All applicants will be required to provide the following information on the downloadable form: product/model purchased, store/online retailer  purchased from, date of purchase, purchase price, reason for return in no less than 30 words, name and address, bank name, sort code and account number.


Send the completed form, together with proof of purchase (your original dated till receipt), and the applicable Remington product including if relevant all provided accessories in its original unspoilt packaging to the following address: (Target United AS, Evjeløkka 3, 1661 Rolvsøy, Norway).


Postage and packing costs have to be borne by the applicant and are non-refundable.


The line item must appear on the original proof of purchase. If no line item for a Remington qualifying product as defined in clause 2 appears on the applicants proof of purchase or till receipt, or the applicant does not have a proof of purchase or till receipt, the application will not be accepted.


Final submission for refunds must be sent on or before 8th June 2018 (date of post stamp is relevant) and forms sent after this date will be rejected.


Incomplete, misdirected or late submissions or submissions including incorrect information will not be accepted. Proof of posting will not be accepted as proof of delivery. Responsibility cannot be accepted for lost, damaged or delayed forms and /or their contents.


In case an application will not be accepted for any of the aforementioned reasons, or in case the wire transfer payment is rejected due to incorrect information, the applicant forfeits the money back guarantee. In this instance we will endeavour to return the product to the address provided, Remington will bear the postage costs, but no refund will be processed.


For refund requests which are in line with these terms and conditions Remington will refund the actual purchase price paid after any promotional discounts have been applied for a maximum of 1 Remington product purchased, as evidenced by the original till proof of purchase. The refund will be provided by bank transfer only. Alternative cash payment is not possible.


The refund will be made within 60 days after receipt of the refund request which is in line with these terms and conditions.


Only one refund per household per year.


This money back guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.


Each applicant declares his/her consent that Remington collects, processes and uses the personal data as mentioned above exclusively for the purpose and duration of this promotion.  Applicant agrees that Remington is entitled to pass personal data of applicant to third parties to the extent that this is necessary for carrying out the promotion.

Last updated: September 2017

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